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The future of new Chinese style furniture will be popular
In 2011, the network popular words --" everything is nothing", although the change times people inside of helplessness and loss of a lower. But to no longer vulnerable furniture industry this year, every event and not be of no great importance, but in some extent, heralded a new era.

The market environment of the Red Sea, that the end of the era of profiteering; enterprise and dealer shuffle intensifies,Poly Bags Factory the future market to mature Overture; each new mode of birth, even wilt rapidly, are in a more perfect new pattern to make a foreshadowing; there are people enter, also unceasingly there are people out, this is the new supersedes the old. Accelerated characterization of industry, is the industry body more healthy.

Furniture industry" will be" very popular in some words, such as" change", for example "reformation", in 2011 really happened, and more than any previous year are more real. Recognize it, confusing the reality crumbled, chewed, swallow, than to pay no heed, can let our physical and mental health. When the so-called " winter" or a " 2012" to come true, to keep up with the rolling wheel of history.

Living environment:
The overall activity due to macroscopical economy
From 2008 the United States sub-loan crisis in the past, only the export furniture received part of the impact, Chinese furniture does not seem to have much effect, but also for many manufacturing enterprises to upgrade offerred chance. But with the weak world economy and disorders of the international financial continuous fermentation, coupled with its own order of the market economy is not perfect, in 2011 China's macroeconomic are inevitably go to a crisis the edge of the cliff. The RMB inside depreciation cause raw materials artificial rose, external appreciation to exports suffocate suffocate, the real estate market purchase limit and limit the loan, credit tightening in the tense capital chain ... ... All of these, we all look in the eyes. But in the longer perspective,Office Furniture Limited the Chinese economy after 30 years of rapid growth, the previous decades of accumulation of a large number of demand, already in the market capacity expansion gradually digest, whether it is the real estate industry or furniture industry, the future market still is in, but that the overall high-speed growth has truly become the" past tense" the. Whether Chinese economy, or the furniture industry, have such as Lang Xianping long warned us, was immersed in serious overcapacity. The furniture industry, and China's economy, like the one in the ice run child, accidentally ran over the line but can't stop.

Not far from the front is the iceberg. This is why, by the end of 2011, hyperinflation has been curbed, RMB appreciation slowdown, prices, trading volume dropped significantly, and even the real estate regulation policy began to loose, the furniture industry is feeling more sad, because we may have ushered in the legend of stagflation -- while stagnant economic growth, while inflation to continue.

Excess surplus of shopping area, enterprise, overall excess capacity, these can only wait for the entire industry to shuffle through and reforming to resolve. Individual enterprises to cope with the industry average profit rate means, can only improve production efficiency, product and brand value, reduce channel and management costs. On the macro economic environment improved, not to expect too much.

The central economic work in 2012 policy identified as "steady growth, adjusting structure, protect the people's livelihood,Medosan hurried to stabilize" 12 words. The "steady growth", is a reflection of the central economic growth down too worried.

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