however in a flash

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The flower blossoms prosperous, however in a flash
The flower blossomed a full sky of, buried aforetime facial appearance.

The flower thanked spring red, Be just south Ke Yi's in a dream.

Look back that quarterly flower blossoms prosperous, also however in a flash.


In Marchary Yang state night, thousand lights shine on bluish cloud, the Xiu guest of Gao Lou Hong is again and again.Vulture column painted pleasure boat, the sound of music and song is warm,plastic bagsclinging willow, the breeze is small and soft and mix up the voice of repeatedly plain piano, three cents world, return Yang state for loafer two cents, everythings are all too beautiful, the letting of the United States person suffocates, the United States of make the life painful.

Once the decade feel Yang state dream, how bear recalling?Windy and rainy month, the Qing exerts pure Hui, but arouses not and rises center of lake the least bit ripple.Not distance Du to daisy fragrance, Qin person, but is break bowel.Suddenly cannot help but sheding tears, spent to thank, the next year flower opened again;But the person went to, when return again?

The bright moon is 24 bridges, who whom button up a hand it up, about descend one a life time passing moment?The milli- to no endly waits for, at quarterly again the quarterly spend the efflorescence fall, thin you of gentleness, forgot you of facial appearance.Those is write on the sandy beach of if talk, also along with the breeze elapse beyond the horizon.

The green mountain is unclear, water is faraway, and the autumn exerts plant Diao.The good luck came, the good luck went, originally a south Ke Meng.Wake up from dream, pain of but is oneself.The quarterly is prosperous, sad but beautiful lie in owning bloomy in a flash.

Recall and learn from painful experience, saw open, forgot, just knew that you are firm in the you's heart of so deep.I really hate and hate oneself and gave you a heart for warming up, left empty;I hate ground, same road, but always could not walk a crunode with you;I hate a sky, often night, unexpectedly is that the month circle shine on sorrow bowel.

You from a distance leave, but I still keep staying around the then street corner and see the other shore flower blossom and spend a leaf to living two to separate, mutually cherish always don't gather, really want to step an one step,costume jewelry the but again is afraid to enchant the road of front.

Night, and then smell daisy fragrance of flower, cover up oneself's figure in the blackness, silently leave, silent orison"hope that this quarterly flower blossoms, not so brief" in heart.

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