Lubricate system

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Four blunt distance motor adoptions splash to lubricate to slip with pressure smooth combine together of slippery smooth way.Two blunt distance motors generally and much adopt in the gasoline to sneak into the mixture of the QB class gasoline machine engine oil of certain comparison to lubricate a way.But this kind of hybrid oil that slips a smooth way in spite of motor work how condition is and all press already settle of comparison supply lubricant, increase the depletion of lubricant,Production Houseburnable incompletely, accumulate Tan more, have the row spirit the pollution.Two blunt distance motors of new generation all adoption separate slippery smooth way, equiped alone lubricant box and engine oil pump.The engine oil pumps a general adoption back and forth pillar fill type variable the oil providing amount of oil pump, is driven through a Gua round, Gua pole by the song stalk wheel gear.Be provided for amount of oil to pass accelerator hand, manipulate steel wire and carburetor solar division valve allied move, make the engine oil supplied quantity with the motor and turn soon of variety but change, high speed provide oil much, low speed provide oil little, provide oil reasonable, with mixture slippery the smooth way compare can economical and more engine oil.The engine oil blows about through the high-speed mixture spirit small of oil fog, the supply needs to slip smooth part, the decrease gets into the engine oil of burning the room, mixture spirit combustion complete, the decrease accumulates Tan and row spirit pollution.

The motorcycle starts with the feet Deng start a way for lord.Start organization to have with happy XF250 motorcycle for representative of the fan-shaped wheel gear start organization.The feet Deng starts a stick shift to arouse fan-shaped wheel gear and start a Ji round,bridgestone clutch to always become the chain round, ex- chain and song stalk chain the round drive song stalk to revolve and start a motor.After the motor starts, depend to start the one-way function of the Ji round and the function of the time spring coil to make to start the organization instauration original position.This kind of starts organization and start start a stick shift to stir blank on schedule position, trampling the feet Deng can immediately start.

Another for some usher in model adopt of start a Deng pole the type start organization.Different from the former, MotoGPstart to want to knead a tight clutch hand to chase first, make the clutch separated, the stick shift can put in any file time position, need not must put in the blank on schedule, loose open a clutch after starting, the enlargement accelerator can immediately start.When trample next start a Deng pole, start the Ji claw of Deng pole stalk with start a Deng pole to spread to move wheel gear of inside the Ji Chi Nie match and make to spread to move wheel gear to turn to move, through empty turn wheel gear, from move wheel gear, clutch wheel gear and start a denticle round to drive song stalk to revolve to start a motor.After starting, the feet leave to start a Deng pole and reset spring coil to make Deng pole anti- to turn to move, the Ji claw escape from with inside the Nie of Ji Chi match and recover original position.

At line up the quantity bigger motorcycles,such as the Yangtze River card 750 D motorcycle, mountain leaf's(YAMAHA) two urns of motorcycles,wireless keyboards the bell wood(SUZUKI) GT750 three urns of motorcycles, this farmland(HON-DA) CL1000 four urns of motorcycle etc.s, all the adoption start electrical engineering to start.

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