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Zoomla! CMS ( some of the people's Republic of China computer software copyright certificate No.: 2008SR18741 ) using the latest Microsoft dotNET2.0 technology platform, based on the MSSQL2005 (compatible with MSSQL2000 ) technology,Web Content Management System is currently central China ( Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Anhui, Henan, Hebei, Hubei, Hunan, Fujian, Xi'an ) the only independent website management system development of the manufacturers.

Some Zoomla! CMS development team are 10 years experience composed of professionals, and is formed to include algorithm, front desk, WEB, SEO, UI and many other groups, matrix type development, in order to build a large CMS platform provides a solid foundation.

Some CMS original node model development train of thought, make it beyond the transfer CMS system limitations - the user cannot be carried out two times the development, make the site operators into thinking dead ], for the construction of large portal provides stable and reliable foundation.

Zoomla! CMS unique to the six major waves of original technology : the unique custom model with node function function,Website Developmentcombined with Chinese Internet and China marketing network building from the site to the development of operators to promote to the planning of integrated marketing solutions, the original Chinese name as the title generated format with Baidu and other large search provides friendly support, fully supports the W3C standard for Chinese website standard road, lay a foundation for innovative project management system ( zoomla! Projects ) for the traditional B2B services to provide integrated process management, China's first fully compatible with IE8 CMS management system. English version: CMS includes free edition, personal edition, enterprise edition, education, government, advanced edition edition. Ordinary users can through the official website to download the free use.

On 1 January 2009, as a domestic leading CMS manufacturers, some software team launched their version - English CMS2.X series, first into the SNS, enterprises, community, mall open calculation more convenient, convenient, in the industry caused significant influence, and the first to put forward the enterprise website" cloud" type of survival software development concept and open ID communion view, SNS, shopping mall,Cable manufacturer shop, recruitment, yellow pages, customer management, document management, such as establishment of enterprises effectively functioning together in one, to promote the growth of the industry.

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