Winter keep in good health " The porridge is treated "

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It is indispensable to keep in good health in winter "  The porridge is treated "
Has already entered winter since the Beginning of Winter, through the slight snow, heavy snow, to the Winter Solstice soon. The grass and trees wither, the icy worm bends over in March of winter, it is nature everything that closes the season hiding. People's internal yang is hidden in winter, because it, health care in winter should take holding back and protecting the male genital hiddenly as the principle. The old man who especially gets old and weak should sleep a little earlier, get up a little later, had better carry on physical training again when the sunshine is more sufficiently, so as not to disturb and the hiding yang in the body catch a cold. Cold is a formidable enemy of the elderly's good health and a long life. It can reduce the resistance of the body, aggravates other diseases, for instance chronic trachitis, hypertension, heart disease,etc..

After the the Winter Solstice, overcast air begin, disappear, yang go up gradually, this moment exactly kind opportunity that nourish, no matter food therapy or efficacy of a drug is all apt to give play to efficiency. There can be two kinds to talk about and nourish, one is tonic, one is mended for the medicine, but " medicine is mended and not so good as the tonic " . Winter eat the porridge, under the cold temperature, drink a bowl of heat and breathe out breathing out, fragrant and beautiful and delicious porridge, it is a delicious meal of adults, children leaving school to come back and the old men recuperating at home coming home from work. Boil the porridge and usually use the rice, the rice is sweet and flat, and other rice such as millet, broom corn millet rice, seed of Job's tears are sweet, a little cold, because it, solar eclipse rice of winter is more beneficial. The empty, strong muscles and bones, and efficiency of the five internal organs that rice has with the stomach Qi, invigorates the spleen, besides boiling the porridge of rice, can also boil:

The porridge of Chinese yam: Chinese yam (  Peel)  50 grams, 50 grams of rice, right amount of honey, edible oil. Dicing Chinese yam has fried honey of adding with the oil, boil the rice into the porridge, add the Chinese yam fried and boil, can eat. The Chinese yam is a good merchantable brand which nourishes the kidney, spleen.

The porridge of chestnut: Chestnut (  Peel)  50 grams, 50 grams of rice, a little of salt. (turn on the water little) raw chestnut being with the pressure cooker Boil, peel, mash, put into washed rice, add and poach into the porridge, in addition the salt is flavoured. The chestnut can invigorate the kidney, aching and limp to the knee and loin caused by the fact that the kidney is low or pain has function of food therapy.

The porridge of sesame: 10 grams of sesames, 50 grams of rice, appropriate amount of honey or salt. Fry sesame perfume of offering first, clean, boil rice porridge accede to sesame, call in honey or salt, can eat. The sesame can be divided into a white sesame and black sesame, white sesame is favorable and enteric to enrich the lung on angry function; Black sesame can enter the kidney, strong muscles and bones.

The porridge of almond: Almond(  Peel)  About 20, 50 grams of rice, a little of white sugar or salt. Clean, boil porridge rice, put into almond continue, boil, to familiar with, add a little white sugar or salt when being soon familiar. The almond can relieve cough and breathe heavily, eliminate the phlegm and moisturize definitely.

The Matrimony vine porridge of walnut: 30 grams of walnut-meat, clean and mash; 15 grams of Matrimony vine, clean; 50 grams of rice, clean, add right amount of water and stew together into the porridge. For neurasthenia, food therapy good merchantable brand not net of my drip of urinating.

The porridge of pear: 3 pears, clean and peel, enucleate, strip, slice. Add and poach for half an hour in right amount, clean 50 grams of rice, boil into the strong porridge. Add pear juice and pear lump when being soon familiar, with boil to familiar with. There is moistening the lung, emptying worries, work of the fire of eliminating the phlegm, lowering, to that have function of food therapy to cough on child's lung is hot.

Porridge of rice of ox's belly: Ox's belly is 200 grams, 50 grams of rice, a little of salt. Wash ox's belly by rubbing with the hands clean with the salt, dice, add water and stew together with cleaning the rice into the rotten porridge, add a little salt to flavour and eat. It is that child's disease metasoma is timid, loses the appetite, the food therapy good merchantable brand with weak four limbs.

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