How to choose thermal underwear

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As for the winter thermal underwear can greatly " decompression " underwear, the last two years popular fashion crowd favorite. Currently on the market in the end there is no thermal underwear manufacturer propaganda so magical? Whether consumers should how to choose thermal underwear?


Give the consumer a few tricks:


A buy thermal underwear, rational selection, more cost-effective products, do not think that the more expensive the better.


B treat correctly, identification of thermal underwear thermal underwear product advertising, Landscape product dab2d12ck is the basic function of thermal comfort, some advertising content is the lack of scientific basis, not blindly rely on such as " card " and the so-called high-tech concept.


C selection of thermal underwear, should take the fabric soft and comfortable, light weight, good elasticity, warm.


D warm underwear thermal insulation and ventilation volume ( fabric density ) inversely proportional.


In order to deal with the thermal underwear market at present the various traps, in the purchase of thermal underwear to see, touch, hearing, trial, selected.


The cold winter, the face of the market many brands of thermal underwear, babyclothwear how to buy a property, price comparison rightly thermal underwear became a concern of many people. In the actual purchase of the consumer in the process from the following aspects:


A look at the fabric:


A piece of underwear and fabric quality, is comfortable to wear and not the key. Currently on the market for thermal underwear can be high, low, in three points, the use of fabric 40 cotton, 32 cotton, polyester cotton ( cotton content in 30%~ 40% between ), chemical fiber etc., which are used within the surface layer of 40 more cotton products for actor, its soft sex, fine clean degree, air permeability, good gloss, and after washing not anti-pilling, long wearing no clothing wire broken, the phenomenon of spinning.


Two to listen to the sound:


Vintage thermal underwear is used in the warm lined with a layer of ultra-thin hot melt film ( commonly known as PVC plastic film ) way to enhance ability of wind resistance, but this kind of product is easy to wear out " rustle" sound, and permeability is affected, there will be " hot ", prone to static electricity. A new generation of thermal underwear products, the use of new materials, tin box for food new technology instead of hot melt film, basically overcomes the defects. Buy only must gently shaking or gently rub, listen for? " Rustle" sound can differentiate.

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